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The Alec London Virtual Book Tour

The Alec London Virtual Book Tour
with Stephanie Perry Moore and Derrick Moore

January 23 - February 3, 2012
About the Book
The Alec London Series is a series written for boys, 8 – 12 years old. Alec London is introduced in Stephanie Perry Moore’s previously released series, The Morgan Love Series. In this new series, readers get a glimpse of Alec’s life up close and personal. The series provides moral lessons that will aid in character development, teaching boys how to effectively deal with the various issues they face at this stage of life. The series will also help boys develop their English and math skills as they read through the stories and complete the entertaining and educational exercises provided at the end of each chapter and in the back of the book.
About the Author
STEPHANIE PERRY MOORE is the author of many Young Adult Christian fiction titles, including the Payton Skky series, the Laurel Shadrach series, the Perry Skky Jr. series, the Faith Thomas Novelzine series, the Carmen Browne series, and the Beta Gamma Pi series. She is also the co-editor for the impactful BibleZine, REAL. Mrs. Moore speaks with young people across the country, showing them how they can live life fully and do it God’s way. Stephanie currently lives in the greater Atlanta area with her husband, Derrick, a former NFL player and author, and their three children. Visit her website
DERRICK MOORE is a former NFL athlete who played for the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and Arizona Cardinals following his successful college football career. Since his retirement from the NFL in 1998 he has been in demand as a motivational speaker for professional teams, civic groups, churches, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is on staff with FCA, serving as the chaplain of the football program at Georgia Tech. Derrick is the author of The Great Adventure and the general editor for the Strength and Honor Bible.

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Out of the Miry Clay: Freedom From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Linda M. FossenAuthor: Out of the Miry Clay: Freedom From Childhood Sexual Abuse
I was three years old and I thought that all little girls played these same games with their fathers. Thus began my introduction to sexual abuse - although at the time, I did not know the meaning of the words, nor could I even spell them. My father sexually abused me for ten years, both before and after he became a preacher. Naturally this completely polluted my concept of God, father, love and trust. This really is a story about the carnage that sexual abuse leaves in the heart of every child. It is my story of being a preacher's daughter in search of a loving Heavenly Father who would give me the courage to forgive and trust again. A Heavenly Father so unlike my earthly father that the difference would literally baffle me for years. (Linda Fossen) "Beautiful, Beautiful Linda, Well done! I am so thrilled you have redeemed this place of pain. May God anoint this book mightily to call others to freedom and bring healing and strength to so many captive daughters!" Lisa Bevere, Bestselling Author/Speaker Fight Like a Girl & Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry

  • Paperback:
     199 pages
  • Publisher: Self; 1ST edition (2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615211860
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615211862
  • ASIN: B00195WJKE

  • Website: <>  

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    Guilty By Association Virtual Book Tour with Pat Simmons

    Guilty By Association Virtual Book Tour with Pat Simmons (WEEK 1)
    Monday, January 9, 2012 
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    Guilty by Association Virtual Book Tour

    Guilty by Association Virtual Book Tour
    with Pat Simmons
    January 9 - February 3, 2012
    About the Book
    The Jamieson Family Legacy series follow the lives of two Jamieson brothers in Boston, Kidd and Ace, and their cousin, Cameron, from St. Louis. The older brother, Kidd, is struggling with anger and resentment issues toward his absentee father who never married his mother. Yet, he had the audacity to demand his illegitimate sons carry his Jamieson name. Ace, on the other hand, is on his collision course to be a chip off the old block when it comes to women. Their highly MIT educated cousin, Cameron Jamieson, is all about saving family from self-destruction. Through genealogy research, Cameron's mission is to show his cousins their worth as the eleventh generation descendants of a royal African tribe and to give them a choice: live with the stereotypical "angry black men" syndrome or to crush any obstacles that try and stop them to become strong successful black men.

    There are three books in the Jamieson Legacy series: Guilty by Association (Kidd's story), The Guilt Trip (Ace's story), and Free from Guilt (Cameron's story). Each of the three Jamieson men have to accept that their past and present are in God's hand, and without Him they can't advance to their future blessings. The bonus storyline in Guilty by Association is one that progresses the story of the much-loved character in the previous three book Guilty Series, Grandma BB. This time, she picks up a sidekick Mrs. Valentine.

    Guilty by Association is the story of Boston bad boy Kevin "Kidd" Jamieson.  His gripe is with his father who dared to insist that his two illegitimate sons carry his last name.  To add insult to injury, the man never bothered to stick around to provide love and guidance as his boys matured into men.  Kidd's anger overflows into every area of his life. As his animosity festers, Kidd becomes as a roaring lion, seeking whatever and whomever he can devour He's as gritty as his cousin in St. Louis, Parke Jamieson VI, is polished. The two strong-willed men clash when Kidd relocates to St. Louis where his cousin assures him it's a land of milk and money in job opportunities. Where is lands a job is far from it.  

    Through a series of events that involve Grandma BB, her dog named Silent Killer and her Stacy Adams shoes, Kidd meets two women who recognize his hostile tendencies and immediately begin to administer CPR to his soul. LPN Eva Savoy eventually becomes his "Eve," a woman God created from the underlying goodness hidden in Kidd's own heart.

    Reluctantly, Kidd allows Parke to divulge information about their royal family heritage. While everyone's care and compassion begins to smother Kidd, he struggles to keep up the bad boy attitude as his walls start to crumble. Kidd learns it's not his association with the name that identifies him, but the man he becomes that defines him.
    About the Author
    Pat Simmons is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth. She is passionate about digging up the dirt on her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She has been a genealogy enthusiast since her great-grandmother died at the young age of ninety-seven years old. Pat has won numerous awards for her novels which include: Talk to Me, Grace and Humility and Still Guilty, which was voted the Best Inspirational Romance for 2010. Pat is best known for her Guilty series: Guilty of Love, Not Guilty of Love, and Still Guilty. She is continuing the series through the Jamieson Family Legacy trilogy: Guilty by AssociationThe Guilt TripFree From Guilt. Pat has recently been nominated for the best Christian fiction award by the African American Literary Awards for her latest release, Crowning Glory.  Pat and her husband live in Missouri and have two children.

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    The Thirteenth Step: Ancient Solutions to the Contemporary Problems of Alcoholism and Addiction using the Timeless Wisdom of The Native American Church Ceremony by Robert Hayward

    The Thirteenth Step: Ancient Solutions to the Contemporary Problems of Alcoholism and Addiction using the Timeless Wisdom of The Native American Church Ceremony

    by Robert Hayward

  • Paperback:
     346 pages

  • Publisher: Native Son Publishers Inc. (April 18, 2011)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 0983638403

  • ISBN-13: 978-0983638407

  • The Thirteenth Step is a powerful and true recounting of the life of Robert Hayward. Hayward's life story weaves the real and the mysterious, the personal and the universal into a uniquely gripping story of self-discovery through his spiritual awakening within the Native American Church; an awakening that saved his life. The Thirteenth Step documents, for the first time ever, ancient ceremonies that have been conducted in the same manner for thousands of years, yet never shared with outsiders. Through Hayward's own journey of redemption, the reader will experience the words, wisdom, and teachings of The Native American Church, and encounter a spirituality that until now, has been accessible only to those born into the traditional Native American culture.

    About the Author

    Robert Hayward was born August 23, 1959, the ninth out of ten children, to very loving and devoted parents. His parents were animators who met while working for Walt Disney. They were part of the original crew that developed Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, The Three Little Pigs, and many more. In the late 1970 s Robert studied at Laguna College of Art and Design, in Laguna Beach, CA. In August of 2000 he was commissioned to design and build a memorial to honor a fallen Native American firefighter, who lost his life while protecting the La Jolla Indian Reservation in San Diego County. Robert graduated from Palomar Community College in San Diego, CA, in 2011 earning a Certification as a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CAADAC). Robert has been studying and writing about Native American history and religion for over 30 years. Linked to the Native American community by blood, he has been mentored by traditional Medicine Men and Roadmen since his youth.

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    Sign up for When Rain Falls Virtual Book Tour

    This virtual book tour is for Tyora Moody, author of When Rain Falls (March 2012, Urban Christian/Kensington)

    About the Book

    “Why does God keep taking away the people I love?”
    This is the lamentation of widow CANDACE JOHNSON when her best friend is brutally murdered. Ensnared by a deep-rooted bitterness, seeping her faith day by day, Candace is determined to seek justice.
    Detective Darnell Jackson is in need of clues fast. The police captain is coming down hard on him and his partner to find out who murdered Pamela Coleman, the daughter of a high profile judge. Darnell confers with Candace to get the inside track on events leading up to the murder. As the investigation heats up, his growing attraction for Candace plays havoc on Darnell’s judgment.
    Little does she know, Candace’s quest to find the truth has led her straight to the killer. She’s already lost loved ones. Now Candace must choose to completely trust God with her own life.

    About the Author

    Tyora "Ty" Moody is an author and entrepreneur.  Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, will be released March 2012 (Urban Christian/Kensington). This is the first book in the Victory Gospel series.  She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. She owns and operates, a design and marketing company. Her company’s niche is assisting authors with branding and developing an online presence.

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    CFBA: Lost Melody

    This week, the
    Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
    is introducing
    Lost Melody
    Zondervan (October 25, 2011)
    Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith


    Lori lives in the beautiful Ozarks with her husband Lance.  Lance and Lori have three sons, three daughter-in-laws, and six wonderful grandchildren, and two great-granddaughters. Lance and Lori are very involved in their church, and active in supporting mission work in Mali, West Africa.

    Lori began her writing career in 1982, writing for the secular book market.  In 1995, after many years of writing, Lori sensed that God was calling her to use her gift of writing to honor Him.  It was at that time that Lori began writing for the Christian book market.  To date, she has had over 100 books published.

    Virginia Smith is the author of more than a dozen Christian novels and over fifty articles and short stories. Her books have been named finalists in the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence in Mystery/Suspense, the American Christian Fiction Writer's Book of the Year Award, and ACFW's Carol Award.

    A Certified Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church, Ginny's messages are always well-received by a variety of audiences in conferences, retreats and churches across the country. When she isn't writing or speaking, Ginny and her husband, Ted, enjoy exploring the extremes of nature – snow skiing in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, motorcycle riding on the curvy roads in central Kentucky, and scuba diving in the warm waters of Mexico and the Caribbean.


    The beautiful piano sitting in the corner of Jill King's apartment begs to be played. For over a year, it has sat untouched, ever since a terrible accident shattered Jill's ambition of becoming a concert pianist. The ragged scar on her left hand is a cruel and constant reminder of the death of her dream. But another dream is about to come to life---an unexpected, horrifying dream that will present Jill with a responsibility she never wanted. And choices she never wanted to make. Hundreds of lives depend on Jill's willingness to warn her small, oceanside town in Nova Scotia of a nameless, looming disaster. But doing so could cost Jill her reputation, jeopardize the political career of the man she loves, and ruin their plans for a future together. The fate of an entire community hangs in the balance as Jill wrestles with the cost of heeding one still, small voice.

    If you would like to read a chapter excerpt of Lost Melody, go HERE.

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