Wednesday, October 24, 2007

vicious heroes

Okay, here it goes again.

Here we are trying to get rid of the romanticisation of violence in the black community and here are two movies which praise Black hoods.

The first is American Gangster.

The second is Untouchable. See below.

Now, I have nothing against gangster movies. Some of my favorite films were gangster movies. Remember the disclaimers on those old James Cagney and thirties gangster flicks?

So I'm nervous but I don't want to judge these movies without seeing them....just because I'm annoyed at all this violence/romance.
What to do? What do you think?

It better end badly for the baddie, that's all I'm saying. Nothing nihilistically romantic. Please! Just something that shows how sleazy being a heroin dealer really is.

Again...back to the old movies. Remember how little Ceasar died? Remember how all the baddies died? Even the ones we loved?
That's what I'd like to see. Bad guys coming to a bad end. It's good for our people to see that. What can I say?

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