Sunday, March 02, 2008

Arts and Faith significant films list

Got this in my email so am posting it here:

For the first time in two years, the Arts & Faith community will update its list of the Top100 Spiritually Significant Films--and you're invited! The Top100 list has been described as "a monument to a history of people speaking a different language about eternal concepts" and "an incomparable resource for anyone interested in exploring transcendent themes in the movies". You can access the 2006 and earlier versions at

The 2008 list promises to be our best list yet, looking at films released before 2007. As a registered member of the A&F community, you're invited to participate by visiting our website at

Here's how the revision process works: From now through early April, nominations are open. In early May voting will begin. Voting closes in late May--giving people plenty of time to see the nominated films. Everyone registered at Arts&Faith will receive a personal e-mail invitation to vote in early May.

If you haven't visited in a while, you should come by and see what's new! In addition to our long-standing forums on film, we have lively discussion of music, writing, visual art, theater, and other arts. There's discussion of social issues, home and family life, television, science, sports, and much more.

The site offers individual and shared blogs, a gallery for visual arts, social-networking features, a store highlighting member work, collaborative rating of current films, and on and on. With all this, and over 2,000 registered users, Arts & Faith truly is "the largest and most dynamic online bulletin board on the subject of the intersection between art and faith" (and a lot more!). You can also connect with Arts & Faith on Facebook.

Whether you're a regular contributor, a "lurker", or if you haven't visited in a while, I hope to see you on and invite you to participate in the 2008 revisions to the Top100 list!
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