Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Darra Consulting now accepting new clients


Darra Consulting, a church financial consulting and strategy firm, has announced that it will now accept new church clients.

Orlando, Florida - July 31, 2009 – Darra Consulting LLC of Orlando, Florida has opened its doors to new church clients that are interested in optimizing their financial strategy or seeking funding for construction, refinance, or other growth opportunities.

“We currently have the capacity to take on some additional clients, particularly those churches who are in need of money for expansion but who are having difficulty finding it on their own in the current economic climate. We are currently offering a free consultation for interested churches.” said Founder/President John Ottinger III.

Churches have been seeing a great deal of membership increase in these economic times as more and more people attend services. In “Praying for Recession: The Business Cycle and Protestant Religiosity in the United States,” David Beckworth, an assistant professor of economics at Texas State University, looked at long-established trend lines showing the growth of evangelical congregations and the decline of mainline churches. He found that during each recession cycle between 1968 and 2004, the rate of growth in evangelical churches jumped by 50 percent.

But although churches are expanding, they are often unable to find funding for either construction or refinancing. Banks have a history of misunderstanding the way churches work and are tightening their lending requirements due to the recession, leaving churches unable to procure the financing they need. Many churches are unprepared for this new economic climate, having structured their finances based on the good times of the last few years before the economic downturn. Darra Consulting is a team of financial strategists that can help the church reposition themselves to eliminate wasteful and haphazard spending, increase the effectiveness of the ministry, and prepare for building expansion either now or in the future.

“Though times are tough, churches are expanding, and we aim to take advantage of the low rates and unique opportunities in this financial market to make each church’s vision for growth a reality,” stated Ottinger. “We do not offer a specific product but rather a unique solution tailored to the needs of the church, and so we do not have the same limitations as direct lenders.”

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Darra Consulting, LLC is a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in the lending industry, including over $1 billion in church real estate finance and over $500 million in non-profit real estate finance. To learn more about Darra Consulting, please visit www.darraconsulting.com or contact the company by e-mailing info@darraconsulting.com.

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Email: johnottinger (AT) darraconsulting.com

Web: www.darraconsulting.com
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