Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rodlyn Douglas

Dear friends,
My dear friend Rodlyn Douglas    whose work appears with mine in W W Norton's Lifenotes (along with Sapphire's and quite a few others) needs our prayers and financial help. Please try to send them both, as much of each as you can...she asked me last night to send her light. The cancer from 3 years ago is back in full force.  The seriousness of her illness is further emphasized by the doctors who have sent her home without surgery and without chemotherapy. 
On Tuesday Rodlyn and her husband John are going to Mexico to the Gerson Institute     (see description of the Gerson Institue on the web site below)
Rodlyn will be sending us messages on the blog on her web site to let us know how she is doing. 
NOTE:  Some of the tabs on her web site (like make a donation or read her writings) will open to anyone.  The tab for making a comment seems to necessitate your setting up a user name and password.  If you have trouble doing this, I have no problem with my friends using my name and password (coras.....serenity)
There are two ways to make a donation....
1- go on the home page of the site and click on 'make a donation' and use the pay pal instructions
2 - send a check to Rodlyn's brother in Canada THE CHECK SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO:
Lynrod Douglas (in trust for Rodlyn Douglas) .....USE THE parentheses!!!
Send the check to:
Lynrod Douglas
27 Gardiner Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

his email address is above  info (AT) 
If you want to send Rodlyn a message but can not navigate the site, please send it to Lynrod. 

Thanks so much. I love Rodlyn very much
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