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Nov 6, 09
Hau kola,

One Native student at Bacone College in Muscogee, OK told me that it was hard growing up as a Native Christian because he often felt guilty about attending traditional dances or ceremonial gatherings because the church taught these things were "of the devil." Yet, he never had any sense these things were bad or wrong. At Belmont University in Nashville a student wrote after listening to my presentation, "I thoroughly enjoyed our time today with Richard Twiss. I have never heard someone be so honest about the racial divide in Chrisitanity and how it affects specifically Native Americans and their traditions. I also learned that it's ok to admit that everyone is ethnocentric with limited views, but its important that we all learn from each other to broaden those views." Prayer is a powerful force that opens people's hearts, minds and spirits to consider new ways of thinking to embrace the "God Who Is Already There." The Spirit of Jesus is at work in all people everywhere, all the time; there is no place He ain't!

Richard Twiss, Sicangu Lakota

Kyle (Pawnee/Choctaw) and Marcia (Euchee) Taylor, longtime close friends, both work at Bacone College in Muscogee, OK and are doing a really admirable job at helping make the historic native Christian college "Indian friendly" again! Kyle (pictured here with me) has, among other things, reestablished a school powwow that is growing every year and attended by many traditional people from throughout the region. He arranged for me to speak to students and faculty to encourage them in their journeys as Native followers of Jesus. One young lady told of attending Creek "Stomp Dances" on Saturday nights, then going to church on Sunday and feeling so judged by fellow native church members. Another young man said he often felt "caught" between his traditional ways and his christian ways.

Another young Native women, Faith Harjo (Creek, Choctaw, Pawnee) spoke of being raised in a Christian home, that because of my influence, was encouraged to embrace her native cultural ways as a follower of Jesus and how appreciative she was for this. Faith is coming to the end of her year as Miss Indian Oklahoma. Here I am standing with Faith at the powwow. Little by little, our voice and influence is growing across the land in helping First Nations people be fully Native, and fully committed to following the teachings of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers!


Bill Miller (Mohican, Grammy award winner) singing in support of Charles and Siouxsan Robinson and their ministry "The Red Road." The Robinsons share the beauty of Native culture with thousands of young people in public schools, provide relief on reservations and speak in colleges and churches every year, in the Spirit of Jesus. I was privilaged to help promote and support them and their ministry as the keynote speaker for their annual fund-raising evening in Nashville. They are close friends with a great vision http://www.theredroad.org/.

Richard wrote an essay about trinitartian thought as a basis for diversty and community that is a part of this intriguing new Bible. Here is what the publisher writes about the publication.

"The Holy Bible: Mosaic is arranged in order that every week the reader has a variety of content for reading and reflection to follow a theme appropriate to the Church season. Each week also includes: full-color art; Scripture readings; a historical reading; a contemporary reading; a prayer, creed, hymn, or quote; and space for reflection. You can get a copy through your local bookstore or on Amazon.

Upcoming Events - Richard's Speaking Schedule

Richard will be speaking in several places in Virginia, November 19-22. To view Richard's full schedule to see if will be speaking in your area - click here.

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