Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: From Orphan to Physician - The Winding Path by Chun-Wai Chan and David Biebel

Those who From Orphan to Physician - The Winding Path is a memoir every Christian should read. This testimony to the care, guidance, and provision of God will touch the heart of many, perhaps provoking them to jealousy as they see God's lovingkindness toward a young Christian who believed in Him.

The author of the narrative is Chun-Wai Chan, MD-MPH, a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Medical School. He is also Chief of Cardiology at Kaiser Medical Center in Fresno, California and has created, founded and co-founded several churches and charities for Chinese Christians within the United States or China.

The art of writing a memoir is difficult, especially if it is a memoir which is also a testimony of God's care and if one is a famous and accomplished man. But, although written in the first person by Dr Chan, this memoir is a truly humble record.

The memoir tells of Dr Chan's youth living as refugees in a poor shantytown, after his family fled oppression in the mainland.  As a young child, he and his family endure health and some family members die because of their poverty. They are Christians and often young Chun-Wai wonders why the family suffers so much. But soon events, finances, blessings, guidance, and coincidences, begin to fall into place. Throughout his life, blessings and God's leading direct and provide for him. Through the loving mercy of God he receives education, scholarships, and guidance.

The book gives us a glimpse of the work done by Christian Children's Fund, and of life in Hong Kong after the Chinese uprising. All this is interwoven effortlessly with the depiction of Chun-Wai Chun's personal life. This book is a testament to the faithfulness of God to all those who seek him and trust Him. Highly recommended.

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