Saturday, March 01, 2014

Review: The Glory of Heaven

The Glory of Heaven
Betty Malz
Those familiar with the writings of Betty Malz are probably aware of her life-changing life-after-life encounter on a sickbed. That encounter changed her life and began her journey of discovering, describing, and collecting supernatural Christian stories of near-death encounters or angelic incidents.
The Glory of Heaven is an easy accessible conversational read. Bible quotes, inspiring stories, and discussions of heaven are interwoven throughout the book. What makes it different from other books on the same topic is that it is like over-hearing a "what-if" discussion of heaven. There is something dreamlike and meditative about it. The author uses old hymns, contmporary songs, Bible verses and the near-death stories to extrapolate on what heaven might be like. It is not argumentative or pushy. It's full of Biblical anticipation and will remind readers of the verse, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." She expands the readers' minds and pushes away the sentimental ideas of angels playing harps on fluffy clouds thus making heaven a more real place, a true looked-for home for the Christian.
In chapters that explore home, transportation, companions, she establishes our heart on heaven. The chapters on the "no mores" is especially inspiring.
The Book is available in print, ebook, and on itunes.
Highly recommended, especially for sunday school discussions.

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