Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Time Chamber by Daria Song

The Time Chamber
by Daria Song
Clr edition
(October 13, 2015)
ISBN 9781607749615
80 pages
9 13/16" x 9 13/16”
I haven’t seen any adults coloring any books but supposedly there’s an adult coloring book
craze. Who knew? So when I got the opportunity to review one of them, I grabbed it. The fact
that the book features a world perfect for fantasylovers
who yearn for sensawonda helped too.
Unlike, say, illustration books where the colors are chosen by the creator of the book, what
makes coloring books so good is that there’s a collaboration between the original artist and
countless colorers around the world. Coloring book artistry is a skill that requires generosity and
as they guide strangers through their created world.
So, the book. There is a story as well. A little fairy who lives inside a cuckoo clock is bored with
her world and decides to visit the human world. The sights the reader/cocreator
sees are tiny
because they are seen through the POV of a tiny fairy. Aspects of the human world would seem
magical to any stranger, but imagine a tiny creature from another world viewing our human
world at night. This is what is so lovely. Our world is full of so many patterns which we barely
notice. The practical created arts of a utensil set or of keys or the haphazard patterns of books
on a bookshelf are what brings delight to our lives. I remember sitting in a dentist chair once and
noticing how the horizontal slats of the window blinds fell against the window sills and how the
light reflected diagonally on the medicine drawer. I’m sure it made me smile. The world is full of
design, color, and patterns we hardly notice unless a child or a fairy brings them to our attention.
Then suddenly the designs on crockery, the parallels of the rise and goings of a staircase, or
even the face of a clock will give us pause. Art and the POV of children truly adds beauty and
magic to our world.
This is the sequel to an earlier work which showed the fairy’s world. That was probably lovely as
well. The book is printed on both sides of the paper. That means that one should warn one’s
child to be careful about what media they use. Recommended for kids and adults who like to
Happy creativity
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