Sunday, June 24, 2007

Interpreting Strange Occurrences and coincidences

We're all used to the idea of interpreting dreams or visions, but I'm really trying to understand interpreting strange occurrences or coincidences.

Some of them are easily interpreted. They don't even need interpretation. They are Godwinks . We know God is telling us He loves us and is leading us towards certain goals. But sometimes, a series of coincidences happen and we -- okay I -- find myself at a loss.

For instance, I don't know what it is but it seems as if everytime I flick on the TV and do some channel surfing --especially when i click on a channel I would not normally click on-- that there is some heavy anti-Christian anti-Bible rhetoric going on. Now, I know that there is a whole lotta anti-christian, anti-Bible rhetoric out there. What gets me is how it ALWAYS happens that I get up and for no reason turn on the TV on some channel and bingo --in my face!-- comes come snide comment. What is God trying to tell me?

Example: I do not watch The Practice in the mornings. One day, I'm in my sons room and I turn on the television and click on the show ...just to see. At that VERY moment, we see Camryn Manheim's character talking to a nun about the nun's biological sister who has apparently disappeared. The nun says something like, "well my sister would not go out to meet a man on the internet. She is married and she was just fooling and playing a flirtatious game. But she was shy and timid she wouldn't go out to actually consummate this relationship."

I thought, "ooh, nice! They're showing a nun as compassionate." (Not that I'm into how they portray nuns on TV but hey, it was looking good.)

Then Camryn Manheim's character says, "But what if she did?"
The nun replies, "Well then if she did that she deserves to burn in hell forever." Then the nun goes off and kneels and lights a candle near the Virgin Mary. And Camryn says something snide about how compassionate religious people are. AAAARGH!!! Honestly!

But this kind of thing happens to me ALLLL the time.

This morning --like a fool-- I got up and in the middle of tidying up my sons' room flicked the TV on to the CBS Morning News. NOT the stuff I usually watch. Trust me on this. I hate the news. What do I see? Reverend Pearson -- a minister who has gone all maverick against the Bible and says people who pick on gays are Bible-worshipers and Idolators of the Bible-- is talking about how evil and close-minded evangelicals are in how they have rejected him....and he's being shown as some kind of hero by the news reporter.

Now, I've never liked Pearson. I've seen him on television on TBN, WORD network and all those Christian shows. Unlike most Christians who try to see the good in everyone who claims to be a Christian, I am way suspicious. I try the spirits. I don't believe anyone. So I never trusted this guy and I kinda saw something like this coming waaaay back when. I remember he was on TBN's Praise once. He said, "The Bible says 'Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, especially of those who believe." True. But I instinctively knew what he was saying while the folks on the show -- in their lovingkindness-- were utterly blind. He went on to say, "So everyone is saved, only they just don't know it." I could tell that everyone on the show accepted it and thought he was saying that people only needed to hear the gospel then they could know ...and thus become followers of Christ." But, no, that's not what he was saying.

BTW, I've seen Christian folks get all antsy and upset about certain things and yet...allow some of the weirdest stuff to pass by. Swallowing a camel and straining out a fly, as Jesus said. So I got used to being the only one to say, "I don't trust this or that particular minister; he's a wolf in shepherd's clothing" while other Christians thought I was just being way too suspicious.

But back to the major issue...why am I always being dragged by the holy spirit to see instances in the media where Christians, the Bible, holiness is being picked on? What is God trying to say to me?

Turn off the TV? (I doubt this because the shows I generally watch don't slip into anti-christian stuff. And as I've written in another posts, I stopped watching shows like Law and Order that have religion issues.)

Is he reminding me that Christian writers should counteract these issues in their works? Wind Follower, my book, is about THE LOST BOOK of the Creator...and I honor God's word throughout. Maybe my next book should be a book which shows that holy people are really kind and loving.

Is he preparing me for the evils in the world's way of thinking? Am I unprepared for hateful interviewers who will see the Christian in me and attack? Why is God doing this to me?

Or is he doing this to other folks? What's all this synchronicity about?

Just asking. Thanks.
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