Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some neat blogs

Hi all:

I'm always looking at blogs. Because there are many aspects of me (as there are many aspects of everyone), these blogs are an interesting lot. I'm a writer, Christian, woman, black person, lover of speculative literature, mother.

Blogs that deal with Communication

This is a great site for those who want to understand the linguistics and subtle language of cultural and political debate. She wrote a book called The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-defense. Good book for those who want to defend themselves from bullying nasty people.
Ozarque's Journal

A place to add your name to petitions.
Petition online

A few of my favorite Christian sites are:

One of my favorite urls is by Jeff Scott (Jeff Gerke) a Christian writer. He has a great piece on UFO's and Christians.

Jeffersonscott's great piece on the Christian answer to so-called UFO abductions

Pen-of-the-wayfarer blog/

Literary Christian

This site is dedicated to the upcoming (2008) conference. Write here for information.
World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People/

They are also connected with
Wiconi International which is a Christian Native American organization.

My ebuddy Chris's site. It's a lovely Christian site where she tells about her writing, her life, her walk of faith. Very sweet site.
Write and Whine

If you want to build your faith, definitely go to this site:
Andrew Wommack website and free downloadable audio sermons

Favorite blogs that deal with race:

This is Carmen Dixon's frank site. A lot of honest discussions about race, immigration, politics, etc.
All About Race

Some Christian black folks might get upset at Torrance's racial anger and love of black women's butts but he's a nice guy.
Raw Dawg Buffalo

This is a site dedicated to writing about marriages between black women and white men. I like the site. It's very healing to know that we are considered beautiful.
Black Female interracial Marriage website/

This is a site for women who no longer date black men. Okay, admittedly, it goes overboard sometimes but for black women who have gotten emotionally hurt by black men and this is a good healing site.
Evolved black women website
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