Monday, November 05, 2007

Way cool

Check it out! Library Journal added Wind Follower to their list of 42 titles for folks to use in their Black History Month Program. Note that they seem to have only read the book half-way. But I'm cool. I feel blessed all the same. Lots of books out there but WF got a nice bit of divine favor on it. -C

African American Perspectives
Choose from 42 titles for your Black History Month program

McDonnell, Carole. Wind Follower. Juno. Nov. 2007. 382p. ISBN 978-0-8095-5779-0. pap. $12.95. F

McDonnell's first novel, a fantasy, revolves around Loic, a wealthy, young, light-skinned warrior, and Satha, an older, dark-skinned woman from a poor clan whom he wants to marry. After some resistance, she agrees to his proposal, but they have to endure a yearlong courtship, or half-marriage, before they can tie the knot.

Library journal's list of 42 books for Black history month
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