Monday, January 07, 2008

Time Masters by Geralynn Beauchamp

I had intended to do a review of Time Masters in time for the blog tour being given by the Christian Fiction Blog folks but okay, I'm not a master of my time and I fell way behind in my reading. So I'll have to do a review later...which I'll post at in a week or so.

Here's the video book trailer

At present, there are reviews up at:

Time Masters Website: ,
Geralyn Beauchamp's MySpace: and
Time Masters Fan Club MySpace: ,
Geralyn's Blog: ,
Prologue: and
Chapter 1: of Time Masters,
Cold Tree Press: .

To Purchase your own copy of Time Masters:
Order direct from Cold Tree: ,
order through Barnes and Noble in
Hardcover: ,
or on Amazon in Paperback: and

It can also be purchased at Barnes and Noble stores.

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