Monday, June 09, 2008

wealth versus fame

Well, it's been almost nine months since Wind Follower was published and know how much I've made so far on this book? $500. That's the advance I got. It's not Juno's fault. Writers don't make that much really. So now that Juno has decided to go totally commercial urban fantasy I will have to sell my wares elsewhere. The question comes up now: Do I go with a small really odd press which sells its books on the Barnes and Noble website but not on the B&N shelves? And which might give greater revenue? Or do I aim for a larger company which will get me in the bookstores but which, like Juno, might not help me with the millions?

What do I want? Tons of readers? Tons of money? Tons of Critical fame? Uhmmmm... gotta think. Am currently working on two WIP's...and would like to get them both done and contracted to publishers by year's end. Will see where God leads me.

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