Sunday, September 14, 2008

weekend movie-viewing

Saw The Quiet. Do NOT EVER EVER EVER see this overwrought silly stupid incest movie. Never!!!!!! It is crap. Supposedly arty but totally childish. I honestly think The Quiet is the worst movie that I personally have ever seen. And after the deaf-mute pretender kills the father-godfather-incest-abuser and the doped-up-goody-two-shoe-self-medicating-to-keep-herself-from-seeing-the-truth-mom PRETENDED that she had killed said abuser and went off to prison leaving the incest-survivor-cheerleading-queen-bee and the murderous-former-mute bonding at the piano. Well, I wanted to scream rather loudly.

Saw No Country for Old Men. Wow, feral! Didn't help matters that I read Somaly Mam's memoir on being sold into brothels. Okay, it was good for me to spend the weekend being reminded about how lost human beings really are. But wow! I supposed I also needed to see the power of greed.

Saw Trespass. An oldie but a goodie. Wow, I hadn't seen it in a long while. Funny how your opinion of a movie can change over time. Okay, so I have a crush on Bill Paxton and I really liked Frailty (which few people saw and fewer liked) but this was a really good hoodlumb/po white boy/po black hoods flick. And of course it was about greed. The funny thing is when I first saw it I was annoyed about who got the money in the long run. But this, i must've changed, uh?-- i was cool with the ending.

Saw The Lookout. Very good. I really liked this one. I like oddballs. I like wounded folks striving to attain normalcy. So this film rekindled in me how I have always longed for a group of eccentric non-conformists to hang out with. Hoping for religious eccentrics but regular ones might have to do. I so want a Christian community around me who are not so addicted to normalcy and the accountrements of normal middle class life. I have eccentric friends, Christian friends, christians friends who are recluses, eccentrics who are recluses. I guess I just wish all the good abnormal Christians friends o' mine lived nearby. It was a good movie, mind you, but it really brought back that longing. It would definitely help me to grow spirituallly and it would make me feel very peaceful. Cause I wouldn't be dealing with Christians who get into judging me on my housework.

That's it.
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