Sunday, October 05, 2008

Christian Fiction Review Blog: Higher Honor Book Tour

Higher Honor
Susan M. Kirkland
Category: Military fiction
ISBN: 978-1-934284-08-7
November 2008
312 pages

Here's the Blurb:

When Cadet Cassidy Sanders is brutally assaulted, she struggles to carry on as she turns further from the God of her youth. Her
attacker is an acquaintance who has his own struggles to face. God uses their mutual friends to show both cadets the depth
of his grace and mercy.

Higher Honor is set within the sub-culture of America’s military colleges. The novel focuses on the elements of honor,
brotherhood, duty, and the spirit of the characters to face and overcome challenges that grow them into the military’s
next generation of strong, capable leaders. The realism of Higher Honor’s setting and plot is a result of experience,
observation, and much research.

Some others involved in this tour.

Cathi Hassan
Caprice Hokstad
Rae Byuel

Visit her website to learn more about Higher Honor and read an
excerpt of this novel.

Here it is at Barnes and Noble
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