Thursday, October 30, 2008

October posts from across the web that made me smile

Ah! To belong to so many different sub-groups. Christian, Black, Spec-fic lover, Minority

The speculative fiction lover part of me loved this post from Galaxy Express

Although I'm not really decided about Obama (I might vote for Ralph Nader cause yeah, he seems way more humble) this post from Electronic Village made me laugh. Hey! I'm black, I totally get it.

This was on the APOOO -- a place of our own-- blog. It's a black folks' blog but pumpkin butts always make me laugh.

Tia over at Fantasy Debut had a great post on why vampires aren't sexy for her. I totally agree.

Gospel Blog had some cute stuff too from a classic Christian humor book.

A blog over at Bollywood to Hollywood really made me smile. Although it shouldn't have. It's a post about the tragedy that affected Jennifer Hudson. And yet it's on an East Indian blog. I liked that. Multiculturality. To think that East Indians actually might care about what happens to black movie stars. Well, it was good for my soul.

Fantasy Magazine had a great list of steampunk movies, anime, etc. Okay, so I love Steampunk in film and I just can't read it in books.

This made me smile: Jeff Rivera's book is doing well. I remember hearing about him back in the day. Nice to see a brother doing successfully in specfic...and being blessed after being self-published.

A WTF? moment when this Japanese woman was arrested for killing another player's avatar when that other player -- who was her virtual husband in a shared world game-- divorced her without asking.

Another in the WTF? category: From the Salt Lake City newspaper by way of museum of hoaxes

And last but not least, by way of Angry Asian Man is this vid First Asian Boy

Here it is but the youtube url is above:

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