Monday, November 03, 2008


Am presently in geek heaven. The studio hubby works for also does a magazine that reviews PC games. So, of course yours truly ends up with one of these games. Am totally enjoying it. I love puzzle games and this one is very sweet, kinda remininicient of Myst although not as beautiful. But it's innocent and no guns or sex in sight. (Okay, so I'm trying to figure out puzzles in order to crack safes and steal someone's will, but hey that's relatively harmless when we're in the realm of computer game crimes.) Definitely a book an old-fashioned goodie-two-shoe puzzle-loving Christian would love. It's very intuitive, especially if you understand puzzles. So yeah, safecracker is super fun. You KNOW I'll be spending my thanksgiving playing this thing. And I'm super-grateful it fell into my hands. Little things like this just make my day.

Plus I'm totally addicted to Estate of Panic on SciFi channe1. It's a great put painfully scary (vicariously) scifi reality game. -C
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