Saturday, November 15, 2008

what the heck is going on? Picking on the sistahs

I was over at my ebuddy's website Her name is Erica and her post was about T-Pain's Chopped and Screwed. So of course I went over to check this video out.

As luck or fate or gestalt would have it, another ebuddy --this one a black guy-- had also sent me an email about a youtube video. it looks as if black women are the devil now. All these black guys bewailing our meanness.

Okay, I'm the mother of sons so maybe that will make me distrust a few girls. And I DO tend to think that Black guys are pretty sweet. But hey, we black women can't all be that bad.

I really have to do some pondering though because I've been watching The Real Chance of Love on Vh1 and I DO kinda find myself thinking the non-black girls are a might more polite and sweet than the black girls. Thank God for Rabbit, though. She looks sweet. I hope black women haven't really gone overboard with their toughness.

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