Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Korean Christian Sport Film: Champion

Saw a film called Champion which really touched my heart. I don't much watch sports -- except the baseball playoffs-- and if you were to tell me that a film is a sport film I probably wouldn't go. But i seem to have a lot of sport films as my favorites. They deal with the human spirit and that always touches me. I especially love sport films with religious issues such as Lagaan, Chariots of Fire. But I really really really love foreign sport Christian films such as Endurance (a docu about an ethiopian olympic runner) and now Champion. This one is about a Korean Christian boxer Duk Koo Kim who was killed in the ring by Boom Boom Mancini Jr. Talk about heart-breaking! Is there anything more heartbreaking in film than an elderly mother looking down at her dead son? Heck,. not even an elderly father looking down at his dead daughter could break the heart as those sad-faced mothers do.

Here's a review of the DVD
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