Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Weekend Movie-Viewing

Am a bit too out of it to think so will try to find vids of these flicks so you can get the basic idea

Sky of Love: Idiosyncratic bad boy falls in love with good girl and dies.
Here's a vid someone compiled with a song by Kokia. (You know I love me some Kokia.)

Virgin Snow: Korean Guy visiting Japan falls in love with a girl who has a grieving mother. He learns Korean to talk with her. Very sweet. Here's the first part

Only You Can Hear Me: Lonely isolated girl with no cell phone finds a cell phone which telepathically joins her to a deaf-mute boy. They fall in love and plan to meet.

See You After school: A Korean comedy which really made me laugh. Loser kid with terrible bad luck arrives in a school and tries to change his terrible luck. Ends up being challenged by the school bully.

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