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Review: Seeing the Voice of God-What God is Telling You through Dreams & Visions

Seeing the Voice of God -- What God is Telling You through Dreams & Visions
by Laura Harris Smith
Chosen Books
ISBN: 978-0-8007-9568-9

Seeing the Voice of God -- What God is Telling You through Dreams; Visions is one of the best books on Christian Dream interpretation out there.

Most Christian books on dreaming often stick to a few aspects of dreams and dreaming but this 254-page volume contains chapters that discuss how dreams relate to prophecy, how God uses the physiology of dreams, sleep debt, discernment of spirits, whether God speaks or not, and even a dream dictionary. Laura Harris Smith has written a well-rounded bookon dreaming, most definitely.

The chapters are entitled:
Is God Ever Silent?
When Your Dreams Are for Now: Five Types of Prophetic Dreams for the Present,
When Your Dreams Are for Later: Five Types of Prophetic Dreams for the Future
Sleep: The Mattress of Dreams
Dream Recall
Interpretations and Dream Dictionary
20/20 Hearing
Deaf and Dumb, but Not Blind
Discernment of Spirits

The title of the book is Seeing the Voice of God, an unusual title which highlights the author's premise. Quite simply, many Christians feel that God does not speak today. Others feel that God speaks but not to them. Or they believe that God is speaking to them but somehow they can't hear Him. Using Bible verses, personal history, and medical and dietary research, the author shows that God does indeed speak to people about
important personal events -- even to non-Christians, because the night is often when God speaks.

The author is well aware that she is writing a book for both Christians and secularists, for believers in the importance of dreams, and those who poo-poo dreams or the Charismatic community. Such a task is daunting and an author who is too within the Christian churchy box would not handle the task well.  Smith neither panics nor panders. She is honest in honoring dreams without seeming to be pleading her case.

Neither does she shy away from her Christian message or from saying anything what needs to be said.
Seeing the Voice of God -- What God is Telling You through Dreams & Vision is a manual that will help Christians and non-Christians deepen their relationship with God through dreams. Those who read it will understand that God is caring, ever-present, and desirous of communicating with them.

Highly recommended for all those who wish to grow in the knowledge of dreams, visions, and prophesy.
I received a review copy from Chosen Books

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