Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Review: Real Life, Real Miracles by James L. Garlow & Keith Wall

Real Life, Real Miracles
by James L. Garlow & Keith Wall
Bethany House Publishers (November 1, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0764210742
ISBN-13: 978-0764210747
Christians who believe in a living God who actively works in the lives of his children -- even when those children are not yet looking for him-- will like James L Garlow's and Keith Wall's newest book on miracles, Real Life, Real Miracles.

The book contains real life accounts of miraculous intervention, providences, and coincidences, that could only have been choreographed by a loving God.
The Bible declares, "Thy testimonies are my delight and my counsellors" Psalm 119:24

Judeo-Christianity is a faith built on the stories, anecdotes, tellings and written and oral renditions, of God's involvement in the lives of individual Christians. The Bible is full of these testimonies of God's power, strength, love, and timing as He helps humans at (or before) their times of crisis.

The word "gospel" means "good news." In a world filled with "bad news," those who believe in God must "incline their ears to God's testimonies." Proverbs 22:17. This means that those who trust in God must seek to hear about His power, His truth, and His love. However, believers are warned to discern. Not all supernatural events are from God. Indeed, not all miracles, testimonies, and coincidences are from God. -- Deuteronomy 18:22, Deuteronomy 13:1 And often, books on miracles don't discern between supernatural events performed by God and those performed by other spiritual agencies.

Fortunately, the real life testimonies in this 272 page volume all praise the  Biblical God. Account after account were carefully chosen. In fact, many of the benefits of these miracles turned to God after receiving their healing or miraculous rescue -- some even turning to some kind of ministry.
This book is highly-recommended.

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