Saturday, May 03, 2014

Review: Prayers that get results by Tom Brown

There have been many books written on prayer, The riches of prayer are seemingly unsearchable because these books vary as if all are showing a particular notch on the side of a coin. Whether the book on prayer comes from the perspective of God or the type of prayer, of spontaneous or of traditional prayer, of coroporate or of personal prayer, there always seems to be more to learn about prayer.

Prayers That Get Results, the new book by Tom Brown has a promising title. Indeed many books on prayer promise some kind of prayer or a deeper revelation of the work of Christ's salvation or a closer walk with God.

Brown's book is simple and clear: there are many kinds of prayer and Christians must be aware of the kind of prayer they are praying.

He lists and differentiates the different types of prayers one finds in the Christian Bible. The several kinds and distinctions of prayers are as follows:

The Prayer of Faith -- a prayer that trusts in the revealed will of God. It is prayed when one knows that God has declared that He wants exactly what you want. This would mean for example praying for the healing of the sick. Such a prayer can really only be prayed in full faith if one believes God has wants His people healed. Thus, a clear knowledge and belief in the wealth of God's grace and the fullness of the gospel is required.

Prayer of Petition -- this is the prayer one prays when one is not sure that God's will and one's will are the same. Praying for a house or a certain car or even for a particular woman to marry falls into this category.
Prayer of Submission -- this is the prayer that is prayed when God's will and one's own will are in opposition. Like Christ's prayer in the Garden, it is a "not thy will but mine be done" kind of prayer. It is the prayer which accepts and obeys God.

The Prayer of Intercession -- this is the prayer one prays when one's will and God's will are the same but a third person (the person being interceded for) may not wish to be prayed for. Prayers for the salvation of someone's soul or for someone to leave an adulterous lover and return to a spouse would fall into this category.

There are other prayers as well: The prayer of release, the prayer of agreement, the prayer of binding and loosing, the prayer of deliverance, for instance.  The main focus is to understand the Bible and to understand how to approach God and how to approach the prayer.

The book is accessible and well-written. It contains many examples from the author's own life of how these prayers have worked.

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