Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review -- Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to Zebra Cards

Wee Alphas: 26 A to Z Postcards, from Angelfish to Zebra Cards
Published by Wee Society

  • Age Range: 2 - 5 years
  • Grade Level: Preschool - Kindergarten
  • Cards: 26 pages
  • Publisher: Clarkson Potter; Pos edition (August 23, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0553459783
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553459784
Ah gee! I feel seriously out of the loop. I've never heard of the Wee Society. I must've seen their artwork before though because apparently they are a thing.

Wee Society aims to bring the concept of design art to kids.  They also must have been thinking of easy ways for older folks to communicate with their grandkids, young nieces, and nephews. Or vice versa.

The package contains 26 postcards. All the postcards are useful and official and can be used as regular postcards. One side of each postcard shows an animal illustrated on glossy paper in such a way as to depict one of the letters of the alphabet. For instance the K is a koala. The drawing is made up of easy to see (and even easier to draw) lines, curves, circles, rectangles, and arcs.  The other side of the postcard contains a place to put a USPS stamp, lines for the recipient's address, and a section with copy where one can fill-in-the-blanks, or write a small note,  

I like these postcards. They aren't as useful as they could be. Or maybe they are useful for building up friendships by encouraging people to send a friendly card to a good friend. Because of the copy on the back of these cards, they definitely cannot be sent to just anyone.  They are postcards, after all. Some of the postcards have room for a message or a short note. Some postcards, however, have words that take up the space. The S card, for instance, which features a squirrel, has the addressee section on the right but the left side has the following copy:

You are:
Sassy                 Smart
Special               Stunning
Sweet               Sorta Silly

Secret Handshake,


PS Can you spot the hidden letter in Sidney the Squirrel?

There are boxes beside the descriptions for the sender to check. But you see what I mean. Unless you're close with a friend or family member, the cards are limited. I think this collection of postcards would be perfect for grandparents who would like to send these postcards to their grandkids... or for older relatives to send to younger relatives. The alphabet inspired pictures are just perfect for kids to puzzle out and the back copy would be fun for kids who like wordplay.

I was given this set of postcards free in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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