Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bug Movie

Bug Movie

There’s a new bug movie coming out from Lion’s Gate soon. It's called BUG.
I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but I LOVE creature features. Whenever any of the following are on television
• Lake Placid
• Deep Blue Sea
• or Anaconda
I’m there on the couch watching.

And why? Because I love movies about nature out of control, about nature putting man in his place, something big and uncontrollable. Call it some perverse Christian need for an apocalypse. Hey, I'll admit it. I love anarchy and general mayhem. A cleansing of the world's values brought about by some mega-disaster.

Okay, I hear some folks saying, “I can deal with big creatures but bugs? Bugs are icky.”
True. Bugs freak me out too. But here again, I see a perverse Christianity working within me.

BUGS are just plain sneaky, and covert. They have six legs and they are so dang organized. Plus there are way too many of them. But I think I like them because they are also

• demonically-organized
• subtly and covertly invasive.
• Seemingly powerless by themselves but really pretty powerful in large numbers.

So up comes this film.
Honestly, as a Christian horror flicks are one of the few genres I feel safe with. Often they deal with a good philosophical theme.

And from what I can see on the you tube trailer, this one seems to be about some wicked external evil oppressing innocent humans who need a wake-up call:

it looks like poor Ashley Judd is going to be turned into one of their BUG queens. I mean that’s what the trailer seems to imply. Don’t you love it when some famous actress is in a bug flick? Now I find myself wondering: what does someone do when she’s been turned into a queen bug by invading aliens?

Check out the website at Lion’s Gate.
bug movie

Or here:
bug movie

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