Tuesday, May 29, 2007

God's Sheep DO hear His voice

God is soo good

My friends, what a great God we serve.

This past week I was seriously foodless. End of the month. Tons of bills to pay and food being a luxury and all that. I didn't say anything however about my need to anyone. (I hope no one thinks these money issues come from laziness on my or my husband's part. We had a series of bad health stuff which create mega hospital bills. Then older son went through a "phase" which gave us a lot of lawyer and legal bills. It also made him unhirable for a while because although what he did was a misdemeanor, walmart and home depot and those other places didn't hire him. In addition, I used to teach until fibromyalgia made that impossible. And having to take care of Gabe in my pained sleepless state was very hard. Hard to get a job where you have to leave every year for two months to take care of your child. So...if anyone is judging...that's my reason for being foodless this month.)

Anyway...what happens?
Our of the blue:

1) A neighbor from down the road whom I haven't seen in a while suddenly brought me two bags of food.
2)A friend who owns a pizza store gave me a box of whole wheat linguine
3) My guatemalan church friend --whom I decided to visit on a whim-- gave me two bags of food (meat, veggies, fruits) and made me a lunch.

Now my son has some fruits and veggies to eat. No more rice and rice and rice. I'm saving the soup for him.

God's people do hear his voice. Sometimes when everyone in church is dancing around in the spirit -- I'll admit it-- the cynical part of me goes: "Oh come on! That's not the holy spirit; they're just fooling themselves." Yep, call me a cynic but I've had way too many people who suposedly have the holy spirit treat me horribly. I don't think someone is a Christian just because she says so. Nah, I'm not stupid.

Sometimes I get into a kind of depressed mode thinking God has forgotten me or that His people aren't listening to Him to help me pray for Gabe. But this really showed me that God is as always an everpresent help in trouble. And yes, this has convinced me that God is indeed alive and active and working in my church. I like that. Now maybe I'll listen to the minister's sermons more.
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