Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bet, shame on you!

Okay, what's happened to BET?

Remember when this channel first started out?

Frank's Place. Remember that? Now what do we have? The Wayans Brothers? The WAYANS BROTHERS, folks!

Now, I understand that BET is primarily a music channel. And I understand that hip-hop delights in the carnal and the pleasures of money, the flesh, etc. But honestly, folks, they need to balance things out a bit!

Yes, they have BET inspiration in the mornings. Not bad. And I know most black kids aren't offended to see religion in the mornings. After all, they know their parents are religious. But it's such a dichotomy! Religion in the morning and then sexually-charge hip-hop and sexually-charged sitcoms for the rest of the day.

Don't these guys have power to create better progamming? Don't they have "pull" among the black musicians and video artists? Where is their sense of responsibility to the community? Hey, can't they tell hip-hop artists to do videos that don't show all that bling? Or all that sex? Or all that violence? Or women behaving like ho's?

Can't they create shows that don't revolve around fame, sex, money?
They even created a reality show that was a knock-off of VH1's real world. Come now, BET! Where is your creativity?

Hey, I liked the idea that these were kids in college. But the thing didn't honor education. It honored sleeping around and booty shakes. There are ways of making education palatable to young kids without making it sexual.

The problem as I -- your lowly media critic-- sees it is that we have all these kids who want to be famous, who want to get laid, who want to have tons of money. Shouldn't we try to make these kids yearn to be educated? Why is fame so important? Why is it the be-all and end-all? Why is getting another notch on one's bed the big thing among college kids in some of our community?

I challenge BET to come up with some good family shows, which are not primarily about sex. Shows which have characters who are normal folks.

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