Monday, September 17, 2007

Blessings Blog Tour: Stephen Todd Jones


Hi Stephen! Be strong! God loves you and is with you. I know how had it is to have one's life turned into an unplanned journey but trust God. There are miracles great and small awaiting you. And you'll be amazed what you will be able to do if you live a life of hope. Read the Bible, trust the living word of God to work in you. Be real...don't suppress any sorrow or grief you feel for your life. But at the same time be strong and don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed. It's a tough balance but it needs to be done. So you won't feel alone. And so you won't feel silenced.

Your poems will speak to many people, i know.

I'll be praying for you. I believe that with God anything and everything is possible. God is able to make you do great things...wherever you are. Remember that emotions tell us that something positive needs to be done. So if you become angry or feel sad or isolated, remember there is something that needs to be done. Ask God and He will tell you the positive to be done. Your healing may come or it may not come. I trust it can. In the meantime, however, try to live as normal a life as possible. That might means a car made for folks with handicap issues. It might mean going outside in your wheelchair. It might even mean becoming an activist and a spokesman for the handicapped in your community. In the meantime, study the word and believe it....and be careful how you hear. Avoid negative people. Avoid negative people --even if they're trying to comfort you. Let your entire eye be filled with light.


Please keep Stephen in your prayers.

Stephen Todd Jones is a writer and poet from Virginia Beach, Virginia.
While a sophomore at Liberty University, he sustained injuries in a car crash that left him in a wheelchair, and this perspective forms the basis for much of his writing. Through his poetry, he gives us a window into his world and his faith.

Here are some of his poems.

Some of My Dreams

Some of my dreams have had to
Alter beyond any doubt
As happenings necessitated change
Along this daily route.

Dreams of great “success” here in
Certain fields is out of
The questions, because of limitations
Brought on-- I still love

Other fields are beyond my ability,
But if one is hurting here,
I am most willing and as able,
In time of need, to draw near.

How They Are

Things are how they are
In shades life gives it;
However things prove to be,
It's live-- live it

Pretend, if you must do so
In order to feign the
Happiness foreign for now
Until it's reality.

Nobody wants to hear how
Life turned sour
For, to make it turn out is
Beyond their power, ----

And they have their share of
Troubles their own
To face also unaided daily
When they feel alone.

Companion of The Word

Words are constant companions
When nobody is around
Since various degrees of solace
In those here are found.

Sometimes not enough are they,
Having no flesh or bone
Though, in all honesty, they have
A substance all their own.

The letters, once here combined,
Compose skeletal formation
As of living and thriving humans
For our God-willed duration.

Words have a longer duration for
They can be recorded that
Later generations may share in the
Wisdom of one then at.

The Word is my Companion even
Though others will fade
Over the expanse of history years
If written or even said.
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