Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Talent, humility, and specialness

Okay, I find myself getting peeved at how democracy has affected everything. There's a mentality out there which democratizes suffering by saying stuff like, "Everyone suffers." Well, yeah, everyone suffers. But a woman suffering in India because she lost four children has suffered more than a rich man in America who has lost all his money. Plain and simple. Perhaps we democratize suffering because we don't want to be left out...we don't want to think we really should worry a little more about other people...or perhaps we just want to always be equal to everyone.

The same thing goes for the idea of talent. Did you see American Idol last night? I swear I am so in love with that little kid David Archuleta. Talent, charisma, humility.

I didn't know I was such a respector of knowledge and authority. But folks whose job it is to know talent and to understand giftedness should be respected. Trust me, I'm not Little Miss Superwriter but I know what it's like to butt my head against a wall trying to talk to a writer who thinks she doesn't have anything else to learn. So let's get to the point: Simon Cowell knows his stuff and when any contestant starts arguing back with him I get just about as steamed as Simon does. I'm like...who do you think you are kid, talking back to Simon like that?

Okay, okay, I understand that Simon has had his moments of extreme shallowness when he picks on a singer's personal appearance and I don't much like that -- he's a rich milliionarie who hangs around the pretty people. That kind of shallowness shouldn't surprise anyone. But when it comes to singing and knowing what talent is...Simon is dead on.

Last night Simon told a guy with no charisma that the guy had no charisma. The guy said he did. Upshot..i don't even remember the guy's name. If I don't remember his name, then the guy's charisma didn't make him memorable. I don't know what charisma is all about or if there is generalized charisma and specialized charisma. (Some folks have a face which feel as if they are overflowing with joy or have a deep grief or are very simply loving or good people. Some have a kind of demonic charisma.) Maybe there's a kind of charisma this particular guy has .....he just doesn't have it in a general way. I don't want to heal him, care for him, protect him, or sleep with him. Nothing about him attracts or makes him memorable and there he was talking back to Simon. Simon told him pretty much to stop whining and asked that if it was the Oscar show the music would've started to drown him out....and mercifully the music came on. I just don't like folks who aren't humble or who have way too much sass. As Simon said, "You are a quite-good singer but you are not an idol, you are not a star." So why can't these folks accept their small talent or work to make it better? Why can't they just accept the fact that perhaps they are a little mediocre? Why the heck do they want to believe they are stars already? It just makes anyone with a teacher's soul want to scream.

Other guys i DO like and who i voted for were Jason Castro. Gosh, is he a sweetie. Very kind face....almost feminine. Dreadlocks. Sensitive soul. Then there was David Hernandez...who didn't do much for me but who is really talented. So there's Jason who needs to bring more game and show his stuff more and is cute, then there's David H who always sings wonderfully and whom i feel other women would like but who does zip for me...and then there's David Archuleta who is a sweet good little kid from Utah....with the most wonderful talent.

Will see what happens with the women tonight. I can only hope I don't have to deal with listening to their attitudes.
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