Monday, February 11, 2008

What should a romantic hero be like?

A romantic hero should have amazing insight into the heroine. Even if he disagrees with her, he truly knows where she is coming from.

He should be a bit embattled on all sides. Not some minor diddly problem but good worthy issues. He should somehow change the world or the society he lives in.

He should have some inner issue he is struggling against. Not that he's insane or in a funk, but he should have some emotional issue that clouds his life that he conquers in the end.

He should be kind to animals, old folks, the mentally-infirmed, and children. I hate a guy who doesn't have an inate love for those who need protection in society.

He should have a sense of humor. Not particularly snarky or sarcastic, but he should make the heroine, himself, and the reader laugh. -C
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