Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Movie Viewing

Saw a flick called Treasure of the Grand Canyon with Michael Shanks. In this one, an Aztec Tribe manages to live logn into the 20th century inside a temple in the Grand Canyon. Yes.... I'm saying it with a straight face. I cannot tell you how annoying this movie was. I will only say that the hero "pretended" that he had taken out his out heart asnd sacrificed himself. Yep, in all the thousands of years the Aztec priests were sacrificing folks, they never realized someone could pretend to pull out his own heart!!!!! How dumb do they think Native folks are???

It was amazing. He stabbed himself than pulled out this blob of thingey -- which he had stolen from a sacrificial pot-- then he stood before the trembling masses. Then he suddenly fell to the ground. And those ignorant little old natives believed!!!!! But when the heroine raced to him, he winked at her., we saw how he deceived those idiotic simpletons. The weird thing is they have this demongod called Quetzlcoatl who our heroes manage to kill by letting the temple bricks fall on him. Wow, amazing, uh! The Aztec priests hadn't done that either. All those years and they couldn't figure it out.

The other weird stuff in this film just really got to me. As I said, it was all a bit much. If you ever see it, the heart pulling comes around the last 15 minutes so you won't have to endure the entire thing. I'll just say that dark superstitious native types are very easily-fooled by white heroes.

I saw a good sweet little romance called Undercover Christmas in which a FBI operative takes a gangster's moll to his house for christmas...and his staid family are somewhat shocked by the girl's general flooziness but then they warm to her and well, he falls in love with her. Very corny and the bad girl with the heart of gold thing and the annoying lower class accent thing was a bit much. But sweet on the whole.
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