Friday, August 29, 2008

Tough read, tough review: So many ways to sleep badly

Publisher City Lights Publishers
ISBN-10 0872864685
ISBN-13 9780872864689
Publication Date July 2008
List Price $15.95

Got a book written by a gay author I know who is a also in the sex business Mattilda Bernstein. He also has fibromyalgia. Anyways, I have to review his book which is called So Many Ways To Sleep Badly .

Here's the blurb:
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's exhilarating new novel is about struggling to find hope in the ruins of everyday San Francisco—battling roaches, Bikram Yoga, chronically bad sex, NPR, internet cruising, tweakers, the cops, $100 bills, chronic pain, the gay vote, vegan restaurants, and incest, with the help of air-raid sirens, herbal medicine, late-night epiphanies, sea lions, and sleeping pills. So Many Ways to Sleep Badly unveils a gender-bending queer world where nothing flows smoothly, except for those sudden moments when everything becomes lighter or brighter or easier to imagine.Lord knows how a born againer is gonna review a book in which almost every other page has a guy who needs to satisfy some inner persistent craving for anonymous kinky sex. I like him a lot and I also like him because in so many ways I think he is like me.Try having a methodist grandfather who beat you whenever you were naked in the bathroom. It's only now that I realize how kinky the old man was and why his son is such a pervert. And why I've had so many flaky relatinships with cruel men.

I did a review for it over at blogcritics but I don't think Christians would like it. It's a good book but it makes a person realize the pain and grief caused by incest that many homosexuals and lesbians have to endure. He's neither Christian nor black but I like him and so.....

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