Friday, August 22, 2008

VEINS by Lawrence C Connolly

by Lawrence C. Connolly
illustrated by Star E. Olson
Supernatural Thriller
Retail Price: $15.00
Direct Price: $11.25
Here's the blurb:

Fleeing from what should have been a perfect crime, four crooks in a black Mustang race into the Pennsylvania highlands. On the backseat, a briefcase full of cash. On their tail, a tattooed madman who wants them dead.

The driver calls himself Axle. A local boy, he knows the landscape, the coal-hauling roads and steep trails that lead to the perfect hideout: the crater of an abandoned mine. But Axle fears the crater. Terrible things happened there. Things that he has spent years trying to forget. Enter Kwetis, the nightflyer, a specter from Axle’s ancestral past. Part memory, part nightmare, Kwetis has planned a heist of his own. And soon Axle, his partners in crime, and their pursuer will learn that their arrival at the mine was foretold long ago . . . and that each of them is a piece of a plan devised by the spirits of the Earth.

Be sure to go to for a complete synopsis,
character studies, and bonus material.

You can also order the book from FE's main site at

There's also a VEINS soundtrack composed and performed by the author, Lawrence C. Connolly. For more information,
go to
Borders Books and Music in Wilmington, Delaware, on September 12th as part of the ongoing writing group and lecture & panel series presented by Fantasist Enterprises. For more information, email

Mr. Connolly will also be signing books at Between Books in Claymont, Delaware on Saturday, September 13th.

For more VEINS events featuring Lawrence C. Connolly, visit and click on "EVENTS."
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