Tuesday, August 12, 2008

John Edwards and adultery

Okay, this is my humble opinion on adultery...not that anyone asked me.

It’s pretty much par for the course, politicians having mistresses. The only thing than can be said about John Edwards is that unlike John McCain, Bob Dole, and countless others is that he didn’t leave his sick or ailing wife as the others did.
On the whole, having endured my father’s tendency to sleep around, I can only say that adultery is definitely not a private matter. It’s the perfect school for learning how to lie. When one can lie to one’s family, to the person in one’s bed, one becomes a master speaker of ambiguities, slick lies, straight-out lies. And the long one does it, the better one becomes at lying without feeling too guilty about it. Adultery definitely teaches a person how to not feel guilty about lies. The perfect stepping stone to be a politician if you ask me. Thus the stuff we learn in private because the skill we use in public.
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