Monday, August 18, 2008

Race in the blogs

No...not Obama.

But check out this article on black pregnant women mortality rate...especially in New York. Hat tip to Angry Indian

Those offensive Spanish photos

Angry Asian Man says it better than I ever could. So I'll just pass the link along. It certainly makes one wonder though. If they were in an African country, would they have used blackface?

Black women blow the trumpet discusses a documentary on the vanishing black male

White Men who prefer black women has a post on negative comments he receives from black folks who can't talk honestly about race.

Afrospear has a really good depiction of statistics and racial profiling

A great article on the history of the Olympics and how it balances/relates beauty with Tyranny is over at Orion

Raw Dawg has a great post in which he ponders the relationship between dependency and need

Over at Chicklitgurrl, there's an interview with the founder of APOOO, a group dedicated to promoting writing by writers of color

And Electronic Village has the list of the best black blogs finalists. Tons o categories

Some feminine stuff in the blogs too.

Really loved this Jonalyn Fincher post: Compare Jesus
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