Friday, August 22, 2008

Seeking suggestions for Hispanic Heritage Month SpecFic

The Carl Brandon Society has a program in book advocacy: every ethnic heritage month we will be sending out a list of ten speculative fiction books, which are still in print, by authors of that heritage to bookstores and libraries so that they can feature these books and encourage readers to pick them up.

The way we arrive at the list is by asking our members to submit nominations, and then by polling members to choose the top ten. Right now we're taking nominations of speculative fiction books by writers of Latino/Hispanic heritage (they don't have to be American) for Hispanic Heritage Month.

To participate, you have to be on the Carl Brandon Society yahoogroup because we use the polling function there. Please go here and sign up:
Once you're on the list, you can simply send your suggestions to the list. These should include author, title, and a brief (one sentence) description of the book.

Once the deadline for nominations has passed, they compile the nominations into a poll on the yahoogroup website and you will have time to vote for the top ten.

So now, to the nominations! You will have until FRIDAY, AUGUST 29, AT 6 PM to make nominations. Please be sure to:
include author and title
include a brief description of the book: this list will be advocating
for readers to buy the book and we will be using your description, so
please make it enticing!
check and make sure the book is still in print.
This list will be used by bookstores and libraries, so they have to be able to get the books
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