Saturday, December 08, 2007

Beyond the Country Doctor Anthology
Published by Kent State University Press and Hiram College Center for
Literature, Medicine and Biomedical Humanities

It is more than Marcus Welby or the country doctor taking care of the farmers/ranchers. Today a diverse group of clinicians, have added cell phones and PDAs to their black bags and minister to a multi-colored patchwork quilt of patients.

We want to show the breadth of rural medicine in the United States today. We are looking for poems, essays, and short stories (fiction and creative nonfiction, max 5000 words) written by health professionals (doctors, nurses, midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers, mental health providers and students of all of the above) that address the following:

--Who we are (exploring diverse providers)
--Who we serve (exploring the variety of patients)
--Where we are (sense of place)
--The resources we have and the challenges we face (i.e. tele-medicine, electronic health record, part of larger health systems, limited services, insurance, etc.)

We are not able to pay for your contributions. The book will be published in Fall, 2009. We are willing to consider already published work as long as we can secure permission to reprint it from the original publisher. Work should not include the identifying information of patients unless permission is granted.

Authors with contributions published in the collection will receive a free copy of the anthology.

Submission due by February 1, 2008 by email attachment to: or mail CD to UMN address. For further information feel free to contact me by email or phone

Therese Zink, MD, MPH
Dept. of Family and Community Medicine
University of Minnesota
MMC 81
420 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
612 625 9197 phone
612 624 2613 fax
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