Saturday, December 01, 2007

Missing Minorities

When a minority goes missing, the media frenzy is often non-existent. And the sad truth is that thousands of people go missing every day. Human evil is rampant, and human sorrow also. We don't know why these folks go missing. But that doesn't mean they are garbage. If they are wounded and have chosen to "go missing", they must be found and healed and brought back to the loving fold of family and neighbors. If they have been kidnapped or murdered, then those who have victimized and destroyed them must be brought to justice.

But that ain't gonna happen if we don't make the media responsible for caring for minority women, children, and people. And while the media goes wild over the disappearance of a white woman or white child, they simply do not care if a Hispanic or Black or Native American or Chinese person disappears. Not enough public interest I guess. Or maybe they think it's Black-on-Black crime or minorities killing each other off...and Good riddance! Or maybe they just don't value our lives because they don't think we contribute anything to the society at large. Ah well, Black history month stiil hasn't convinced them that we DO wonderful things in the world. Often, the only hope families have is exposure and attention to the case.

Please do what you can to help find these missing children, teens and adults by visiting Missing Minorities & Black and Missing every day. If you've seen something, heard something, or know something, don't stay silent.

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