Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pandora's Box Special Project; Dark Eden Press

Somewhere in the world sits the infamous relic which is Pandora's Box. A vessel containing all the evil of the world and one magical gift - hope. Somehow it has been opened for a brief moment. It may be opened by one of the characters or someone else simply opened it by mistake. The fact remains, evil personified now trolls across Earth.

The Task – Write a 30K+ word romance revolving around the evil/s that escaped the box. You must include the prop of the box as well.

Genre - paranormal romance (may be very light or very heavy elements)

Plot - an evil or evils have escaped from Pandora's Box and must be returned in some form or fashion. You may use any evil including sins, diseases, famous or infamous murderers, etc...

Ending - must be HEA or HEA for now.

Heat Level - any (mainstream or erotica BUT erotica must focus on the plot)

Time Period - any

Prop that must be included - the box

*Note – The evil may be the antagonist, or protagonist.

These should be well-crafted stories with excellent characters and contain an integral use of the plot as stated above.

Submissions must be in by June 1, 2008.

Please address all questions or submissions to
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