Saturday, December 01, 2007

Committing to praise

I've decided that everyday during the month I'll be writing a mini praise devotional on my other blog

Hey, it's the season!

Well the month has started interestingly. Older son and his friends have moved out of their apartment down county and well, they had this doggie -- an all white pit bull-- who was gonna be homeless cause no other parent or landlord wanted to deal with him.

Son, of course, asked me. You know how they do: they whine and cajole and just oppress you moment by moment and day by day. He kept saying it -- I don't even know the doggie's name-- was "just a pup" and the kid swore up and down he would "take care of" doggie.

Ah, children! How they do lie!

Last night, as the cold winds blasted against the trees and the side of my house, I hear moaning -- doggie moaning. Piteous sounds, let me tell you. This got me all upset. And although I'd been lying awake all night, I grabbed the female wifely privilege and woke hubby and told him that a sad little puppy was in our back yard and he should bring doggie in. Yep, older son had apparently brought doggie in a cage to the back yard and left him in cage in cold car outside. Then off older son went on a Friday night to do youthful Friday night revels and I haven't seen him all morning. Hubby, being a sweetie, brought doggie inside and then climbed back to bed.

This morning I come down to the living room and there is this gigantic white pit bull in my kitchen in a cage. Not the cute little pup I remembered from the summer. So then we figure we can't freak out younger son because younger son has been known to FREAK-OUT with dogs. (I don't mind younger son's allergies cause heck, dog dander will be no more of a challenge than my messy house and allergiest are always saying that sometimes a kid benefits by having to deal with a pet they are allergic to. See, I'm actually calling this doggie a "pet" already. I can only suspect that in spite of myself I now have a new pet in my house. Honestly, if it weren't a pit I'd be calmer. I like small cute little doggies. Not all white pit bulls with beady eyes. But one gets what one gets. A big dog in a little house. At least for the nonce. I think I'll be caring for this dog until they get a new apartment. Lord knows how long that will be. So wind Follower better sell mucho and get me enough money to buy a new house soon.

In the meantime, I will praise the God of miraculous unwelcomed interruptions.

Well, older son called and told me Doggie is named Hemo. Hemo is quite sweet and well-behaved. Except that Gabe starts running away from him when they're in the same room and then we have this mad eddying circle through the kitchen, living room, and dining room. All around the mulberry tree. My goal this week -- other than having a dog and a kid nagging me to take them for walks-- is to get Gabe to NOT run away from doggie.

My ebuddy Carmen from All about race suggested a doggie gate, and says it's not a good idea to leash a pit like that. He may become frustrated then hostile then aggressive. She told me to check out

So will see how this thing works. Actually, it has to work cause there's no other choice. I think I'll be watching a lot of the Dog Whisperer from now on. -C
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