Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ah horror

I'll admit that I have horror issues. I hate most horror flicks ....except I'm selective. I won't watch slasher horror such as Saw or hostel. I won't watch any film that is nihilistic and makes the evil triumph over the main characters. Heck, I know evil continues...but for me in the specific story I'm watching it BETTER end well for characters I've grown to love (which means they are alive and triumphant if a bit maimed) or else the story is just another story about evil triumphing. I like ghost and demon stories but if it's a story that is so real, a story that has happened, or a story that in any way or form reminds me of ghost or demonic encounters I've had....well I always regret seeing it. I loved the 6th sense and couldn't sleep for nights...but was especially perturbed by the fact that one could be dead and not know it. That was upsetting. I DID see Open Water and was pretty upset about it. I kept imagining their hopelessness in the water. Too much grief and worry...and I'm pretty sorry I saw it.

I did see Omega man back in the day ...zombies and destroyed humans don't really bother me. Unless I'm seeing something from the viewpoint of the destroyed human... like The Fly or some Cronenberg stuff. I hate the hopelessness and keep thinking about how they might be feeling as they live through their doom. I really hate that kinda thing....people in a bad state and knowing they're in a bad state and being unable to get out of it. That's how I define horror I think. I still haven't watched Terms of Endearment ...or any movie with someone dying of some loathsome disease...because of that. And yet (forgive all this rambling) I'll say that my favorite horror movie of all time has got to be The incredible shrinking man. Because it ends on such a spiritually triumphant committed-to-life note. -C
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