Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Into This Mind -- Fantasy Novel by Lisa Nevin

Into This Mind by
Lisa Nevin
Hardback: ISBN-10: 1-58832-186-X and Hardback: ISBN-13: 978-1-58832-186-2
Softcover ISBN-10: 1-58832-185-1 and Softcover: ISBN-13: 978-1-58832-185-5

About the Book: Believing that the newly opened Betta Conservation Land holds many long-forgotten mysteries, Jena eagerly seeks to explore it. In the most unlikely of places, an abandoned ballroom, her intuition is validated as she enters the mind of a young woman named May. Ready to dismiss the experience as a daydream produced by her overactive imagination, Jena is stunned when her best friend, Katri, encourages her to return to the ruined building. Suspecting that Katri knows more than she's telling, Jena follows Katri's advice and finds herself once again inside May's mind. Through repeated visits, Jena discovers a terrible secret involving murder and intrigue. But can she stop it, or will it destroy her?

Here are some reviews
"The novel offers interesting concepts and an explanation for the ability of some people to sense the memories of others and their need to right an old wrong."

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"Excitement and drama are bound to captivate you as you explore Jena's memory shifting capabilities and wonder if she really is crazy. It kept me hanging on the edge of my seat. The dramatic events unfold in an entertaining format. This had very well written dramatic events. Picturesque details are extremely well done. Keeps your imagination running. I loved it."

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"There's no question that the story kept my attention. There was only one brief point where the plot slowed down. Nevin stuck strictly to her plot. There was no needless backstory. The present tense became utterly unnoticeable after the first few pages. Nevin shows a lot of potential in her ability to dole out little facts in the mystery bit by bit. The story had a few surprises and it ended fairly satisfyingly, although I can't say that Jena was ever in any true danger. One can imagine Jena becoming a sort of psychic investigator in future books. However this book stands alone."

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