Saturday, April 19, 2008

new baby kitten

Yep...didn't know I'd end up with one but....

Little old lady (and pet-lover) neighbor called out to me when I went outside: "Carole do you want a kitten?" A two week old kitty, mind you.

Although hubby had told me, "NO, I don't want to have to commit to another eighteen years." What do I say? "Yes." After all, we just ended up with son's friend's dog and are defacto already committed to a dog for eighteen years or so. So, two animals instead of one?

Now we just have to take them both to get their shots. And -- big question-- we have to get kitty to stop shivering in doggie's (8 month old pitbull) presence. And we have to get doggie to stop licking kitty. Ah the energy spent keeping them apart. Am trying to get them to love each other. Will see. Am hoping doggie isn't licking kitty because he wants to eat him.
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