Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Amahoro-Africa 08

Amahoro Africa is a place where African voices, African leaders, African methods and solutions come together to address African issues together with non African friends. Amahoro is a word of traditional African origin meaning peace. Although used widely across Africa, it has particularly deep and significant meaning in places like Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo, where violence and genocide have inflicted unimaginable pain and suffering.

Around the world, a conversation has been growing among an emerging generation of young Christian leaders. This conversation isn't just about exploring ideas; it is also about considering new frameworks, building relationships and creating networks of friendships among leaders engaging with the postcolonial African world in the name of Jesus.

In recent years, innovative Christian leaders around the globe have been observing their world and reaching a similar conclusion: the modern colonial world is giving way to an emerging postmodern, postcolonial world.
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