Sunday, April 20, 2008

Book Review: The hidden dangers of soy

Here is my latest book review. Beware of soy. I always wondered why my vegetarian friend has thyroid issues and why certain vegetarians such as Linda McCartney died of breast disease. It's especially dangerous for kids. I wonder about Gabe...I gave him soy as a kid and then I read from an allergist that many kids who don't speak often begin to speak when soy is removed from their diets. Who knows?

One of my commenters to this article said that anyone can skew statistics. It's not a matter of statistics or skewing them but there are many studies done by the FDA, the AMA, and other governmental and medical sources/resources that says there is something very wrong with soy. If you do a google search on soy health benefits or soy dangers (without quotes) you'll see that many websites from reputable doctors and governments discuss soy issues and soy dangers.

The human heart is very hard to change and it often doesn't change unless someone or something it respects tells it to change. The many books written about the dangers of soy won't change anyone. Not until the government steps up will anyone change....and that isn't likely to happen while the food companies have so many important and powerful lobbyists. Look how long it took for the government to start talking about the dangers of cigarettes, saccharhine, etc. And even now folks still take them. It's about the human heart's inability to change.
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