Tuesday, April 15, 2008

punished by having babies

Another electoral year and once again I find myself not wanting to vote for any of the presidential candidates. Okay, I wasn't too keen on Hillary Clinton because she had that white privilege feminist thing going on. How she can say she understands the poor when she made $109 million in the past ten years amazes me! How she can say she is a woman who has made it on her own also amazes me because unlike other successful women she pretty much made it because of her husband's power. And John McCain...well, he has no idea what it's like to be sick without money. He's way too judgmental about the poor and he's too into winning this war.

But then, up comes Barack Obama with his stupid comment about people "punishing teenaged girls with babies." What an idiot!

This pro-abortion male doesn't seem to realize that abortion causes more harm than good. We blacks have been set into self-genocidal mode by abortion mills that always seem to be in poor black communities. Please do a little research on Margaret Sanger. Studies will show you that she was a eugenist, a racist, spoke out at KKK rallies. Planned Parenthood fights to distance themselves from her but heck...in actuality they haven't.

Black women are 13% of the population but 37% of the abortions are done by us. Over 1200 black babies aborted every day. 425,000 every year. Over 14 million black babies aborted in 34 years. Abortion is the number one killer in the black community. And please don't tell me that ALL those people were raped, were teenagers, were unmarried. And DEFINITELY don't tell me that it was women who made those choices to abort. Heck, most of the women were forced into it by God-fearing parents and selfish boyfriends. The mental illness and breast cancer issues caused by abortion in the black community is amazing.

Many of us -- I for instance-- were born or conceived out of wedlock. I'm certainly glad I'm being here. I'm glad my friends are here. I think we've done a lot for the world and brought joy and goodness to the world. In addition, I know folks who were conceived by rape and their mothers love them. Their mothers weren't repulsed by them.

Part of the reason why the hispanic community have passed us in population growth is because of this self-genocide on our part. Next time black folks start whining to me about our dwindling political power, I'm going to say, "we aren't a large enough proportion of the united states population, why do we need to have a say in this government? We're a small minority and we're getting smaller every day. Check out the Center for Disease Control. Check out the Census bureau." So Barack, you just lost my vote.
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