Saturday, January 31, 2009

Unused Childhood and curiouser and curiouser

Well, today, I'm feeling somewhat healthy. So am gonna use the time wisely. I've decided to gather up all younger son's unused stuff. That means all the cartoon VHS tapes he was supposed to use to learn, all the chapter books he was supposed to have read, all the plastic legos and games he was supposed to have learned to play with.

The way I see it is this: Let's say we get a miracle and younger son is miraculously healed, then I want him totally healed to the point where he can actually read the New York Times. Hey, if God is able to do a miracle to help heal a child diagnosed with non-verbal autism and allergies, he might as well go the whole yard and heal the kid. He's 18 now, will be 19 on the 17th. Why keep these toys and stuff around? Might as well empty the house of those old dreams and old wishes and prepare for new ones.

Now, on to odd stuff.
Yesterday morning I woke up with the Bible verse "Tell them I Am sent you, because I have seen their trials and heard their cries." I remember that as being from Moses conversation with God in the desert. I
haven't read that section in the Bible in at least six months. So it was weird that Holy Spirit chose to speak to me through that verse. I feel He brought this verse to my spirit to encourage me, but it might have to do with my purpose in life. Maybe I am to tell people that. That is the most important thing people need to know: "You God see me" and "You have heard my sorrows and you are helping me in my distress."

Then upping the oddness factor, yet another person has yet another dream about me. This one is from an internet Christian friend named Erica:

She writes:
In dream, you had things in my home, like tv sets, couches and they were full of colors, like from Africa! Full of reds, greens, and yellows. You came in a dress flowing with colors and we sat and talked. Couldn't really hear all the words, but the place was huge and it looked nice and I was glad to see you!

Okay, yet another lovely dream. Yeah, but what does it mean? Maybe it connects to the horse dream...and my family life will be betting better. Or maybe I'll be dying and going to heaven soon and he's comforting my friends? Whatever it is, it's kinda weird. This is like the sixth or seventh dream in the past year and a half where folks see me in bright colors or in a white robe or dancing with butterflies or sitting on a porch on a sunset. Some of these folks are folks I do not even talk to on a regular basis. I mean, a couple of weeks ago just as I was opening an email from a friend in Africa, no less. THE VERY MINUTE! I get a phone call from my gyno who is retired and who lives way in another county. And what does she say in that hard to comprehend Spanish accent of hers? "Carole, I had a dream about you this morning at 4 am. Is everything okay with you? I felt I should call."

I definitely feel I'm being told something. But what? To hope. Perhaps it's enough to heal the heart, to make me know that God is making others aware of me. Okay, I'm no stranger to flaky supernatural happenings so I'm just going to assume that God must be doing something...but does He realize He's creeping me out.

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