Saturday, January 31, 2009

Worms and Hubris

What really gets me about this article is that once again it shows that we humans judge things by a particular limited human knowledge, not knowing that nature has ways of doing things. I'm glad for science but sometimes I think we believe that science has improved upon nature and God. That's hubris.

It also helps us not to jump too quickly on any scientific (so-called) bandwagon. Now everyone is saying margarine is bad...mercifully I never jumped on that wagon. OR when they say stevia is bad... Or now that they say soy is bad.

I read a science article some time back in which they talked about how dangerous beta carotene was by itself. Seems beta carotene has to work with some other ingredient in cruciferous veggies to help protect from cancer. And if taken by itself it can be dangerous. Luckily, I had never jumped on the taking supplements outside of their natural environment band wagon.

The basic thing is this: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and oftentimes we don't know how little knowledge we have about a thing. A scientific discovery gives us an inch and then we take a mile and it all becomes a fad. And then we end up hurting ourselves.

Upshot, I'm so glad I'm a slob...and never got onto that antibacterial kick. And never got rid of our kitty when the allergists recommended it. I'm a great believer that scientists should always go two steps forward, one step back. Because they always think they know what's what and they really don't. Anyway, don't read this article with some syrup of ipecac nearby... (Not that I'll start allowing doggie to kiss son on the lips but now I won't freak out when it happens.) -C

So, check out this New York Times Health Article
Babies Know: A Little Dirt Is Good for You
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