Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dark Parable: Chick, Cents, Stove

I dreamed of standing outside my gate in front of my house. An efriend I met on youtube (who sent me some DVD's on the Elijah Challenge by William Lao, a Singaporean minister) was bringing something to me. He was pushing a dirty stove toward me. On top of the stove were a lot of pennies a whole lot of them. And I could see some quarters and other silver coins stacked in their two. It looked like there was a lot of money there except of course one would have to spend it by small coins here and there. I couldn't imagine counting them all up and going to the bank. I tried to talk to him but he had trouble hearing me. So I wrote a note and put it on my gate: something about I'm not going out into the rain with new shoes on.

Meanwhile I told him about my younger son's cousin. I said, "well, she also has. . .issues." Then I saw her approach. She was half-human and half-chicken and I was trying to talk to her. I felt glad that he saw her and knew what I was talking about.

The odd thing about this dream is that we just removed our old stove -- which needs cleaning-- and it's on our front porch waiting for me to clean it. We have a "new" old stove which we got from someone else who was renovating her house. But that stove is a bit wonky.

Not sure what all the coins mean: common sense, a penny for your thoughts. I feel there's a whole lotta puns here. The "chick" "being chicken." And the dream seems to refer to so many things in my life. The Christian youtube friend is hard to get a hold of sometimes. So in the dream of course I had trouble talking to him and him hearing me. The stove is definitely something on my mind cause I definitely want a real new new stove. My sons have a female cousin but we rarely see her. William Lao teaches about how to speak to illnesses and command demons: the kingly anointing. Not sure what all was in my mind...or if this was from God.
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